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Wings forever

Matevž Lenarcic

It is human nature to drive oneself and one's technical equipment to the limit; pushing the limits of achievement.

And such achievements, which move the limits of what is possible and what is unknown forward, are by their nature of great interest to the entire world.

Submerging in the almost unreachable depths of the seas, reaching the highest summits, sailing across untamed oceans, as well as encircling the globe over unpopulated areas with machines constructed and used only for recreational flying over local neighbourhoods, are achievements that attract everybody's interest, so they are carefully monitored by local and world media.

Last year aircraft model

Flying around the world with an ultra-light aircraft is an adventure, organised and completed only a few times to date. But never before has such a flight been done by a single pilot (no other crew on board) and without any airborne support (helicopters, aeroplanes …).

Pilot Matevz Lenarcic a photographer and adventurer with a rich experience of alpine mountain-climbing, paragliding and aviation and who has climbed peaks in Greenland, Patagonia and the Himalayas and who possesses precious in-flight experiences (para-glider, general aviation pilot - Cessna, Piper) as well as an 'almost around-the-world' flight in an ultralight aircraft Zenair CH-701 in 2002, is a guarantee that this flight will be done safely and with success. As a professional photographer and writer of several books, he will provide all interested parties with quality material and information.

The main reasons for sponsoring this Wings Forever adventure are that all the projects will be supported by a team of professional experts in the fields of telecommunications, internet usage and the media. This team will, with help of a support team based in Slovenia, broadcast photographic material, news-of-the-day and video clips in real time over the internet. All such material and information will be delivered to all the world's media (TV, radio, press, internet, books, movies, press conferences ...).

With such personnel, material, information and technical support, we will create international media exposure for the project. The project's advertising value is estimated at over $4,000,000.

  • Reports about the project on international TV stations.
  • National and local TV stations will be pre-informed about the planned route over their territory. They will regulary report on the flight in news programmes, sports features, interviews, etc ...
  • Reporting about the flight on Slovenian national and regional TV stations.
  • Live interviews will be organised and broadcast over national and local radio stations in areas crossed.
  • Local and national press will be covering the flight (as will photographic magazines, flying journals, travel publications).
  • Internet pages will be updated daily with actual photographs, video clips from the aircraft and audio recordings of the pilot. We will enable our internet pages for a variety of advertising possibilities for our sponsors, such as: main banner, video clips, photographs, stage sponsors, route charts ... There will be links to every single sponsor's website.
  • A large format book about this flight will be published and it will feature full colour photographs and be written in two languages (Slovenian, English). The author of all such material will be pilot and professional photographer, Matevz Lenarcic. www.lenarcic.net/books.php
  • Some pictures will reveal parts of the world never before seen by human eye. Inside the book there will be a page dedicated to presentations of the sponsors and beneficiaries.
  • In the two years after the flight, we plan to organise multiple slide and multimedia presentations of the project, where sponsors will also be featured. For major sponsors, we will conclude additional agreements for greater exposure (jumbo posters, special presentations, etc ...).
  • Before, during and after the flight we will organise several national and international press conferences. As part of these, we will also present our sponsors (posters, clothing, caps, pamphlets ...).

Price List / Posibilities

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