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Wings forever

Matevž Lenarcic

Aircraft & Equipment
PIPISTREL SINUS 912- ultralight motorglider
In Slovenia based light aircraft producer Pipistel from Ajdovscina has constructed first light powered glider aircraft with astonishing performances. High cruising speed and low fuel consumption are key advantages toward other micro light aircrafts.

Wing span 14,97 m
Length 6,6 m
Height 1,70 m
Empty weight 284 kg
Maximum take-off weight 450 kg
Fuel tanks 2 x 30 l
Stall speed (flaps extended) 63 km/h
Stall speed (flaps retracted) 66 km/h
Cruise speed 220 km/h
Maneuver speed 135 km/h
Maximum horizontal speed 240 km/h
Climb rate 6,5 m/sec
Minimum sink rate (prop. 90 deg.) 1,03 m/sec
Maximum sink rate (airbrakes deployed) 5,5 m/sec
Maximum service ceiling at MTOW 8800 m
Endurance 5,8 hours
Range 2000 km
Maximum G- force overload (x1,8) +4g - 2g
Average fuel consumption 9,2 l/h

Additional Equipment
  • HF station (short-wave radio station)
  • Garmin GPSMAP 295, Garmin Pilot III
  • Life raft, life west and immersion suit for trans oceanic flights
  • Survival equipment and food (tent, sleeping bag, flares, colors..)
  • GyPSI 406 PLB - Personal Locator Beacon
  • Icom - IC A23 portable VHS radio station
  • Pepper Spray - against wild animals
  • Satellite telephone with data transfer
  • Aircraft position track over Inmarsat modem
  • Digital film and photography equipment and notebook computers

Support Team
History of Slovenian Aviation

Matevz Lenarcic

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