Rihard Jakopič (1869–1943)

Rihard JakopičRihard JakopičRihard Jakopič was born in Ljubljana in 1869, where he also died during the middle of the Second World War in 1943. He was the central figure of Slovenian art, which actually formed only with the beginning of Modernism. After schooling in Vienna, he entered the Munich academy in 1890, but didn't complete his studies. He perfected his knowledge outside the official educational institutions together with Ažbe and Vesel.

In 1900 Jakopič, Jama, Sternen and Grohar presented themselves at the 1st exhibition of Slovenian art and two years later at the 2nd exhibition. After a poor response from the home public Jakopič went to Vienna in 1903, where he visited an anthological exhibition and it was here that he acquainted himself with European Impressionism. From 1907 to 1914 he had an art school with Sternen. He soon left, so Jakopič had to lead it on his own. He was one of the founders of the National Gallery and the Slovenian Academy of the Sciences and Arts.

Jakopič always encouraged young artists and helped them exhibit their work, looked after his pavilion and tirelessly strived to support Slovenian art, financially and morally.


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