The Art of Matej Sternen

SternenSternenMatej Sternen was the one of the four main Slovenian Impressionists that was most attracted by the human figure. He sought life and movement within it. As a master drawer, he used sketches much more than the other three. He started depicting nature even back in Vienna, and kept on dealing with distinctively Impressionistic themes of optical effects until the second decade of the 20th century.

His most renowned works are Rdeči parazol (The Red Parasol, 1904), Ženski akt/Rdečelaska (The Redhead, 1902), Pomladno sonce (The Spring Sun, 1906-09), Pri šivanju (Sowing 1906-09), Na divanu (On the Divan, 1909), Portret Tončke Gaber (The Portrait of Tončka Gaber, 1909), Akt s črnimi nogavicami (The Nude with Black Stockings, 1910) and Devinski grad z morjem (The Duino Castle and the sea 1911).


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