This is us!

We are sitting in a TV Slovenia studio. We are just about to begin the shoot for We are from series. Oh, one more thing. From left to right: Tilen, Maša, Lara in Anže.


And one by one:

I'm Tilen Strgar. I'm in the 5th grade of elementary school. I love football amd I wish I were the best goalman in Slovenia.




My name is Anže Škrube. I'm in 7th grade. When I not in school, I dance. At this moment I'm world champion in step dancing.




Here are our two ladies Lara and Maša:

I'm Lara Štajdohar. I'm also in 7th grade and I also like to dance, especially hip - hop. O, and I love playing the piano.




And last but not least - I'm Maša Boh. I'm a year younger than Lara. When I grow up, I'm going to be a film star. Just wait and see!



This is us talking with the cameraman. He has some last details. And then the director goes: "Action!"


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